Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out the ongoing book series! I've been getting more and more e-mails asking about the progress of book three, "Like a Swarm of Locusts" and just so everyone knows, it's going to be running past the original May, 2020 publication date. There's so much material to write about, this one is  already twice the size of the first two books combined!

     The title isn't about those awful, red-eyed insects that whittle down gardens and crops. It's a reference to the way hungry kids swarm kitchens and  eat every thing in sight. "Locusts" takes us back to a time before those off-grid Idaho wilderness years (that were written about in books one and two). It's a celebration of growing up, and the mischief, mayhem, and learning experiences one shares with close friends.   

      In case you haven't read the first installments,"Bricks underneath a Hoop skirt" and "Trucks are for Girls," what exactly is this series about?

     It's about everyday life scenarios and the (often hard-earned) lessons we pull out of them, presented in wickedly funny, first-person, shoot-from-the-hip essay style. Some of the topics we all can relate to? 

     What it's like to suddenly find yourself without electricity.

     The thrill of being a kid learning how to drive.

     The total frustration of hearing rodents moving about in your house but being unable to get to them.

     The agony of getting all dressed up to go somewhere and seconds later, being thoroughly doused with mud.

     Or the uncertainty of moving to a new neighborhood and discovering that one of your neighbors is just... a little... bit... eccentric.

     In the "Trucks are for Girls" book series, you'll get material that's entertaining, educational, heart-warming, and nostalgic. So come on, take a break from the craziness that surrounds us these days and get back to simple things — and an outdoor world you'll grow to love as much as I did — in this easy-reading series. 

     And of course, let me know what you think. There's a place below to write a quick note and I always respond!

                                                        CW, March 31, 2020


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 Carolyn White book series,

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Coming in May 2020:

Book Three - "Like a Swarm of Locusts" 

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White (not her real name) has an understated, tongue-in-cheek style. Her descriptions of many years working for guest ranches in the Idaho back country are fresh and keep you turning the pages. Life lived in the pioneer way with no electricity or sometimes running water come through clearly with no embellishments.''

        Forrest Whitman, book reviewer, COLORADO CENTRAL magazine