Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out the ongoing book series. So....if you haven't read the first two installments yet, what is this series about?

     How many of you enjoy sitting around a night time campfire? With stars sparkling overhead, cold beers resting by stump seats, and everyone taking turns sharing favorite stories which are followed by endless laughter?

     These books capture that carefree sensation of being outdoors by a fire pit. The twelve essays in each have a twist, however: they're told from the point of view of a Calamity Jane-like  wilderness guide, mule packer, and camp cook — in a straight forward, shoot-from the-hip writing style that's infused with a wicked sense of timing. 

    In the first installment, "Bricks underneath a Hoop skirt," you'll experience the determination and sass it took to be the only woman in (what was then) a world of hunters, fishermen, spoiled summer trip guests, and horse wranglers. You'll learn what special challenges are involved in living off-grid (on a wilderness guest ranch), cooking entirely off a wood stove, waiting two weeks for mail, and using a team of Belgian horses for transportation.

     And that's just for starters.  Tell you what, one learns  pretty quick that dirt always washes off, grocery and supply lists are  ongoing, and you never leave the house without raingear and a heavy jacket

     The sequel to book one, titled "Trucks are for Girls," continues with humorous stories of survival but in the reverse:  in this case, what it takes to readjust to civilization. It's not as easy as you might think! Street lights, highway noises, and crowds are completely nerve-wracking. Computers are hopelessly confusing. And when  the only neighbor turns out to have a home-made cannon, party-animal friends, and a strong dislike for cats, it makes things very interesting.

     Join me, my ranch pals, childhood friends, and a whole lot of animals in a circle around this literary campfire, Remember, everyone has a story, and I'm happy you've chosen to read about  mine!                         

                                                            CW, Nov. 11, 2019


Now available through this website and the FB page

 Carolyn White book series

Book One - "Bricks underneath a Hoop Skirt," $11.99

 Book Two - "Trucks are for Girls," $13.99

(both prices include tax, postage, and handling).

Coming in May 2020:

Book Three - "Like a Swarm of Locusts" 

Go to the book excerpts page to read a little out of each!

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White (not her real name) has an understated, tongue-in-cheek style. Her descriptions of many years working for guest ranches in the Idaho back country are fresh and keep you turning the pages. Life lived in the pioneer way with no electricity or sometimes running water come through clearly with no embellishments.''

        Forrest Whitman, book reviewer, COLORADO CENTRAL magazine