Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out the ongoing book series. Just for a head's up, we plan to have the third installment, "Like a Swarm of Locusts," finished by May of 2020. 

     And no, the title isn't about those awful, red-eyed insects that whittle down gardens and crops. It's a reference to the way hungry groups of kids swarm a kitchen and  eat every thing in site, just like my friends and I did in the seventies.

      So....if you haven't read the first two books, what exactly is this series about?

      Best way to describe it is, have you ever  spent an evening around a campfire? With stars sparkling overhead and cold beers resting by your chair? Listening and laughing hysterically as others take turns sharing outrageous favorite stories? 

     These books take you back there. The first-person, shoot-from-the-hip, and wickedly funny essays capture that sensation because they're about unique  outdoor experiences. In the first installment, "Bricks underneath a Hoop skirt," you'll see what special skills are required to live totally off-grid in the elements. You'll discover what it's like to be the only woman in (what was once) an exclusive world of hunters, fishermen, spoiled summer trip guests, and horse wranglers. And you'll experience the specific challenges involved in living so deep in the wilderness, cooking must be done over a wood stove or fire pit. Mail is dropped, every two weeks, out of airplanes. The only forms of transportation are foot, team and wagon or snowmobile. 

     And that's just for starters.

     Book two, "Trucks are for Girls," continues with honest life observations and tongue-in-cheek humor but the situations have been reversed:  in this case, the essays are about what it takes to readjust to civilization. It's not as easy as you might think! Street lights, highway noises, and crowds are completely nerve-wracking. Computers are hopelessly confusing. And when  the only neighbor turns out to have a home-made cannon, party-animal friends that drive up and down the road all night, and a strong dislike for cats, it makes things extra challenging.

     Take a break from the craziness that surrounds us these days and get back to nature, nostalgia, life lessons, and joy — and a world you'll grow to love as much as I did — in this easy-reading series. Enjoyed individually or from cover-to-cover, the chapters will take you to places most people have never even heard of before, and introduce some totally endearing characters along the way. 

     Let me know what you think of your copies! There's a place below to write me a letter, and I always respond!

                                                        CW, Nov. 11, 2019


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 Carolyn White book series,

Book One - "Bricks underneath a Hoop Skirt," $11.99

 Book Two - "Trucks are for Girls," $13.99

(both prices include tax, postage, and handling).

Coming in May 2020:

Book Three - "Like a Swarm of Locusts" 

Go to the book excerpts page to read a little out of each!

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White (not her real name) has an understated, tongue-in-cheek style. Her descriptions of many years working for guest ranches in the Idaho back country are fresh and keep you turning the pages. Life lived in the pioneer way with no electricity or sometimes running water come through clearly with no embellishments.''

        Forrest Whitman, book reviewer, COLORADO CENTRAL magazine