About Me


I'm the Carolyn White who used to write articles primarily for Colorado Central, Farm Show, Colorado Life, and IDAHO magazines, in addition to a column called "Living the Good Life" for the weekly periodical, Rocky Mountain Fence  Post — not the Carolyn White who writes cookbooks or novels about Irish Fairies!

 It isn't my real name, anyhow; it's a pseudonym. 

I grew up in the beautiful and historic city of Marietta, Ohio, roller-skating, chasing after lightening bugs, horseback riding, camping, caving, backpacking, and in general spending all my life outdoors. On the side, though, I always had some type of camera in my hand (remember the Swinger?) and a notebook to write in. My secret dream was to become a published author. 

Thirty years later, here I am. It took awhile to get off the ground since my parents taught me to have a real job, too, but the patience has been worth it. These days, doing what I've always loved — "talking story" (an expression learned while spending a winter in Hawaii) — 

has made all the difference in the world.

Even after the first two books, there's still much left to share. A third one, titled "Like a Swarm of Locusts," will be coming out in the summer of 2020; it explores the lifelong friendships that got me started on this outdoor adventure-filled journey in the first place  —  the  home town gal pals who've scolded, supported, taught, shared, and (especially) gotten into mischief with me since the seventies. Meantime, a fourth installment has already been outlined...the list goes on and on!

There are no words to describe how rewarding this book series journey has been. I hope that anyone who has ever longed to step out of their comfort zones will find inspiration after reading these stories. From new readers to those who've been following along since the beginning, thank you for the support. 

Remember, if you can't be yourself, you can't be anybody. Follow your dreams.

 CW 01/11/20